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alex chousmithfull-stack developer

building web things & hopes & dreams for decades now. these here internets certainly keep things interesting.

technical skills


PHP, HTML5, jQuery, CSS, WordPress, Drupal, AngularJS, CakePHP, Magento, API Design


Git, SVN, atom, vi, Photoshop, Fireworks, JIRA, GitHub, Bitbucket, WooCommerce, Salesforce, Infusionsoft

operating systems

Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix

more buzz words

AWS, Apache, MySQL, NoSQL, CSS3, SASS, MEAN, Gulp, Bootstrap, Tachyons


Abacus Data Systems
Director of Web Development 2017
  • Director of Web Development for one of the Fastest Growing Companies in San Diego
  • Upgrading and optimizing and maintaining more than a handful of the company's websites
  • Collaborating with both the in-house Marketing team and outside agencies
  • Working across Drupal, WordPress, Squarespace, and ...?
Chousmith Development
Freelance Developer 2007 – Present
  • More experience working 1-on-1 with clients, outside of day job hours, on all aspects of projects
  • Developing in the full range of WordPress, Drupal, static HTML / CSS, and custom PHP + MySQL solutions
  • Additional hands-on (sleeves rolled up) experience in setting up Membership sites, Pay-per-post, SEO, and more.
Ninthlink, Inc.
Lead / Senior Developer 2006 – 2016
  • Lead Developer for an Interactive Agency providing full Design + Development + Marketing solutions
  • Over a decade of experience developing for > 100 clients, across a whole array of environments
  • Architecting full scale Content Management System solutions in WordPress and Drupal
  • Overseeing teams of other Developers, both in-house and outsourced
  • Working closely with Designers. Marketers, and Managers, to find optimal solutions to business problems
  • Defining Product / Project Requirements and Technical Specifications documentation
  • Maintaining said documentation and tracking tasks, issues, bugs, progress, and time in JIRA and Confluence systems...
  • ... and in Google Docs, Sheets, TeamworkPM, and FogBugz before those
  • jQuery / JavaScript & CSS3 to match & exceed designers’ hopes and dreams in animations & AJAX “cool factor”
  • Years of experience with Search Engine Optimization for international brands like Jacuzzi and Qualcomm
  • Expertise in building HTML rich Email blasts, maintaining design excellence across varying delivery platforms
  • Ensuring consistent user experiences cross-browser
  • Consultant to Qualcomm to ensure Internet Explorer compatibility and accessibility on multiple internal & external sites
  • Developing Direct Marketing pages and sales funnels tied to both eCommerce and lead management systems
  • Developing modular plugins and themes for reuse and resale for both WordPress and Drupal
Lead / Residential Computing Consultant 2003 – 2006
  • Helping on-campus students with all variety of computer problems, from virus removal to email & gaming setup
  • 2 years experience in the trenches of Customer Service
  • 1 year as a Lead in charge of training new RCCs in all aspects of network connectivity, virus and spyware removal, hardware installation, and general knowledge of Mac OS X
  • Designated “webmaster” in charge of all updates to resnet.ucsd.edu during that time


BA in Mathematics – Computer Science, with a Minor in Interdisciplinary Computing, Arts & Music (“ICAM”)
University of California, San Diego 2001 – 2005
...basically, a Computer Science degree without the extra GE’s of Chem and Physics to make it a BS, with Maths instead.

work / portfolio

here are some things i am proud to have helped build



Agency site with years of blog posts, Case Studies, Gravity Forms + Infusionsoft integration, & more.
· CSS3 · Git · Infusionsoft · jQuery · WordPress

ProGo Base

ProGo Base "pgb"

WordPress starter / framework theme with Underscores + Bootstrap + Theme Hook Alliance best practices.
· Bootstrap · CSS · GitHub · HTML5 · PHP · WordPress

Welcome To San Diego

Realtor site pulling in MLS listings, plus more from Custom Post Types, and CRM integration.
· Bootstrap · Git · jQuery · PHP · WordPress

VERT Edibles

Boutique brochure site marketing edibles in the Las Vegas area, using WordPress + pgb + Visual Composer.
· CSS3 · Git · HTML5 · jQuery · PHP · WordPress

Device Showcase

Touch screen + API-driven apps for tradeshows and Qualcomm Museum: 100’s of devices with Q chips.
· API Design · CSS · Drupal · Git · jQuery · PHP

Qualcomm Elite

Learning Management System architected and built on top of Drupal, implemented to preach the magic.
· API Design · CSS3 · Drupal · Git · HTML5 · PHP


AngularJS touch screen app demoing “Multi User Multi Input Multi Output” tech.
· AngularJS · API Design · CSS3 · Git · PHP

M2M Search

Resource site for Manufactures using Qualcomm technologies, rebuilt for new brand guidelines.
· CSS3 · Drupal · HTML5 · jQuery · PHP · SVN

Dollar Fishing Club

Custom built D7 Membership site with eCommerce, consuming Fishing content to earn Points and Gear.
· CSS3 · Drupal · Git · HTML5 · jQuery · PHP

Tritium Security

API design and implementation in PHP back and AngularJS front for security dashboard with data in AWS.
· AngularJS · API Design · AWS · Bootstrap · Git · PHP

Marketing Plumbing Analysis Tool

Heroku web app uses PhantomJS to load a given URL and check for “plumbing” like Analytics, Tag Manager, VWO, etc.
· API Design · jQuery · Bootstrap · Git · GitHub

Contact Form 7 Textarea Wordcount

WordPress plugin released on WP.org to fill a simple void, with over 400+ active installs and over 4,500 downloads.
· WordPress · PHP · jQuery · SVN

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